Founded in 2013, The Freefood Co. belongs to a community making a stand for better health, supporting the development of rural areas into becoming sustainable communities, and a respect for the planet and its resources. We are guided by the principle of karma yoga, dedicated to creating fulfilling work that benefits many and is for a higher purpose.

Together with our partners and various stakeholders, we engage in what happily brings people together: food.

What We Value

Organic Farming

We highlight the important role of farmers and food- producing communities to the general health of societies. Thus it is also important for us at The Freefood Co. to work closely with farmers who are committed to produce quality organic coconut sap sugar that adhere to standards recognised internationally.

Why organic? Besides it being healthier and more nutritious (free of chemicals and all natural), it improves the quality of the soil for the next cycle of planting. This helps farmers sustain harvests for decades to come, and with steady food production, creates a thriving local community.

Our products are free from GMOs, harmful processing agents, preservatives, food coloring, bleaching and refining agents, pesticides, and other chemicals detrimental to our health.

Organic Farming

We ensure that farmers and workers are well compensated for their work and harvest, have safe and proper working conditions, and help their communities thrive.


We only offer quality plant-based products — that means we do not include any animal by-products in our ingredients. Taking it even a step further, our company practices “Meatless Mondays”, an international campaign that highlights the health and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet. Our partner organizations and members of LGUs in where we operate have joined us in observing this campaign.

Our Philosophy

Free to Celebrate Our Community

We take pride in our company’s mission in creating happier and healthier communities. Working closely with organic coconut farming communities in Mindanao and local growers of indigenous cacao and nuts around the Philippines, we are stocked with premium raw ingredients for our products at fair trade prices.

We truly believe that trust and having a shared vision inspires relationships and builds better communities. We want people whom we work with to prosper, that’s why it took us a few years to lay the groundwork in establishing the company, making sure we have the right people on board and aligned to making a positive impact.

As we celebrate the harvest of our local farmers and producers, we too celebrate life’s sweet delights — big and small.

Free to be Naturally Delicious

From growing, sourcing to the making of our organic coconut sap sugar and Coco Dolce Chocolates, we keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out — our products are free from GMOs, harmful processing agents, preservatives, food coloring, bleaching and refining agents, pesticides, and other chemicals detrimental to your health.

Organic coconut sap sugar has a low glycemic index of 35, making it ideal for people who need to manage their sugar levels, such as Diabetics, weight-watchers, and the health-conscious. The Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) has also found it to be rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, thiamine, Vitamin C, and other nutrients.

Free to Love the Earth

We proudly wear our ECOCERT and USDA Organic labels. This shows how serious we are about our farms, produce and products, and that they have been inspected and approved by international authorities on organic certification and quality standards.

The earth is full of bountiful goodness, and we’re making sure we get to pass it on to the next generation.

Who We Are

Petteri Makitalo

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Petteri Makitalo is a Finnish national who has grown up in the Philippines. He is an entrepreneur, environmental activist, and vegetarian. Petteri studied business at NYU and has lived in Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. He is active in promoting trade, investments, and culture between the Philippines and Finland, as well as with other Nordic countries. Petteri serves a National Advisor of the Earth Day Network to the Philippines.

Allan Santelices

Head of Research and Development

Allan Santelices is the company’s “chief chocolatier” and handles product development. He meets with farmers and cooperatives to select the right ingredients needed for Freefood’s delicious products.He grew up in Bicol with his Chinese grandfather, who practiced ancient Chinese herbal medicine. This early exposure to traditional remedies inspired him to identify and combine healthy ingredients in his everyday cuisine. Allan is an organic farmer and enjoys a lifestyle that he terms “simple living and high thinking”.

Mercelyn Abode

Quality Manager- Coconut Sugar

A resident of Toril district in Davao City, Mercelyn Abode has mastered the production of premium coconut sugar. Coming from a family of coconut farmers, she supervises the production of quality coconut syrup on the farm level and the production of premium quality organic coconut sugar at our factory.

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