Health Benefits of Coconut Sap Sugar
& Our Ingredients

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar has a significantly lower GI (Glycemic Index) compared to other sweeteners. Glycemic Index (or GI) refers to a highly reliable system for comparing how quickly different foods raise your blood glucose levels.

- GI values ranging from 75 and up are categorized as High.
- GI values from 56 to 74 are considered Medium.
- And GI values 55 and below belong to the Low category.

In a nutshell, consuming high GI foods results to an immediate spike in blood glucose level. On the other hand, consuming low GI foods results to a slower, steadier and more regular rise in blood glucose level. Low GI foods also “improve the overall blood glucose and lipid concentration in normal subjects and patients with Diabetes Mellitus.” (Jenkins et al, 1987; Wolever et al, 1992; Brand et al, 1991; Collier et al, 1988; Fontevielle et al, 1988)

Here’s a comparison of GI values among the most commonly used sweeteners.

Maltodextrin - an artificial sweetener widely used in most processed foods) = approx. 105 (High)

Glucose or Dextrose (also a favorite ingredient in processed foods) = approx. 100 (High)

Corn Syrup (another silent killer in processed foods) = 75 (High)

Refined Table Sugar or Sucrose (your everyday sugar) = an average of 60 (Medium)

Honey = 32-69 depending upon the type of honey (Low to Medium)

Coconut Sugar = 35 (Low)

Coconut Sugar is rich in inulin fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute (PFNRI) has recently presented the following analysis and comparison of nutritive values between coconut sugar and two other widely used sweeteners.

Pili Nuts

Pili Nuts - are free from gluten, artificial food coloring, additives, hydrogenated fat and refined sugar. Known as the rising ‘king of nuts,’ Pili is rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium and all 8 amino acids. It also has the highest known magnesium content among nuts and has significantly more Vitamin E than any other nut. Pili is indigenous to Luzon, the northern islands of the Philippines, and has started gaining attention in the global market for its creamy, buttery crunch.

Organic Cacao beans

Contain hefty amounts of disease-fighting flavonoids, antioxidants also found in red wine and many fruits and vegetables. In fact, it appears to have more flavonoids than any other food. Our cacao beans and butter are harvested from Mindanao, the southern islands of tropical Philippines.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

is a “superfood” and rich in lauric acid, VCO is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.